June 11

And so passes yet another day uncharacteristic of June. A rainy song for a rainy day: "Lull" by Andrew Bird. It's Kelsey's birthday today, and that is another reason why Andrew Bird should be song of the day! Emily says the length of my blog posts is overwhelming. So I will try to make this short.

A man keeps coming to our house during the day to fix our broken sliding door. It is taking him a while because he had to take the entire door out of the wall so that there was a gaping hole in the house, and then replace it. Since I do nothing but mull around my house for at least half of my days, I've begun to strike up conversations with the window man. He is very smart. He went to Umass and was an Art History major. He is sad that he couldn't pursue art because he loves it and is fascinated by the art we have in our house, particularly the collection of ocarinas on our living room table. Even though it should be a little unsettling to have a stranger sharing my house all day, I may miss him when he's gone. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow.


Stephen Cary said...

Emily is wrong. They are not overwhelming.

Emily said...

I didn't say they were overwhelming, i simply stated the fact that they were long. Jeez.

Phoebe Glick said...

woah, emily commented. and yes you did say they were overwhelming.