June 15

This picture wasn't posed - Liz just actually looks at food that way. Today was my second day back at Farmland. For some reason I convinced myself the night before that it would be raining too much and the farm would be closed, so when I called at six fifty eight in the morning and learned I was wrong, it felt like a punch in the stomach. Farmland is so boring when there is no one there, but somehow it is equally boring on a busy day. My favorite part of the day was the new goslings. They are hilarious. There are twelve or so of them and they move in a pack. Also once I was holding a kitten and showing it to little kids when a man asked me, seriously,

Is that a goat or a kitten?

I once thought that recognizing and identifying cats was one of a human's earliest cognitive functions. Now I know otherwise. My first job of the day was to bail the "water" out of the goose pool. It took me almost an hour to collect bucketfuls of "water" and dump them on the grass. Then I refilled the pool and watched as the goslings jumped in, splashed around, and effectively cancelled out my hour of back-breaking, blister-creating work by mixing with the water goose shit and mud. I hate Farmland.

Jeff lent me a book called Post Secret, an anthology of secrets written on postcards. I like the idea. I have a lot of secrets, many insignificant, but still unknown to everyone but me. Today I was reminded at six forty five that I had to be at JOMP to re-record my solo piece, tonight, at six forty five. This gave me zero minutes to complete the thirty minute drive into Worcester. When I finally arrived, I experienced for the first time in my life the feeling of walking into a room of thirty people who were all angry at me. Huh. The song of the day is "Ohio" by The Low Anthem. I haven't until now appreciated how good The Low Anthem really is.


#1 Fan said...

You're BACK! A very funny and entertaining entry!

JEN said...

I love Post Secret!

Bryan Diehl said...

I have listened to Oh My God, Charlie Darwin about 23580194 times this month.