June 14

Will is picture of the day today because he accidentally deleted all my pictures that I took yesterday. So there is no picture of the day for June 13, and there is no blog either, because I stayed over Abby's. The picture was a little girl named Lily jumping in the moon bounce. Little kids are always photogenic always. Song of the day today is "Tbtf" by Broken Social Scene.

Today I went to Liz's graduation party and decided to leave early because if I don't get more than four hours of sleep tonight I won't get up in the morning. On the way out I talked to Abby and Erin O'Donnell for a while. When I was walking to my car I felt so filled with love for both of them, even though I don't even know Erin, and for so many other people in my life right now. I also felt sad, and I didn't know why, but at the same time it made sense. Lately I've been blinded by the integrity of the people around me. I want to hold onto it forever but I know I can't and that's where the bitterness stems from. So I guess love is sadly sweet.

... Still happy :)

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