June 17

I love Okkervil River. I recommend them to anyone who likes music. Today I was driving in the car with my mom and their song "Savannah Smiles" came on and it was loud enough for both of us to listen to the lyrics and nothing else. The song is about a father's realization that his daughter is no longer a child and that they are in fact relative strangers. It is kind of heartbreaking. I've known what this song was about for a long time but since I was listening to it at the same time my mother was, it seemed so much more sad, and more real to me. Nothing good happened today, thus today sucks. I feel unhappy today. I don't want to work tomorrow so I hope it rains, but at the same time I feel incredibly guilty hoping for rain when sunshine is so rare these days. 

Photos on the wall, she's my baby, she's my babydoll,
is she someone I don't know at all? Is she someone I betrayed?


Jeph Green said...

wow that photo is incredible

jennifer said...

i always hope it rains, on days i should be working...i feel guilty too sometimes since really, i want the sun

Emily Glick said...

I saw the sky like this yesterday and was really bummed I wasn't with you to make you take a picture. But you did! Sister connection

#1 Fan said...

I appreciate that picture of our amazingly beautiful planet. Good to know that you see it too.