June 8

Today was a wasted day if I've ever seen one. This is mostly because I woke up at three and stayed in my pajamas until seven. My rationalization for this is that I didn't sleep at all the night before so I was really sleeping for two nights. Still pathetic. I made a list of goals for this summer. They are not hard to obtain, they are things like "Go to Northampton," because I want to try to check everything off. Tomorrow I have a flute recital and the next day I'm going to see Jenny Lewis with Liz. So excited! My plan as of now is to kidnap Jenny Lewis with a giant bird trap. Right now I'm making a best of Bright Eyes mix, and the song of the day is "Easy/ Lucky/ Free" because it's my life at this moment. Maybe a little much on the easy though. 

I keep making to-do lists but nothing gets crossed out


Jeph Green said...

Bright Eyes mix??
I have The Best of: The Velvet Underground for you.

Phoebe Glick said...

we gotta exchange Best Of's!

Bryan Diehl said...

I read your first sentence raelly fast and thought it said "I was really wasted today"