March 20

A few things worth mentioning happened today. One is that I accidentally cut my thumb with my fingernail while playing volleyball, and it bled way more than I ever would have expected it to. There was a line of blood almost all the way to my wrist. And I didn't know what to do with all of it. I couldn't hit the ball again, I would contaminate everyone. And I know you're probably not supposed to wipe blood on clothes. Luckily class ended shortly after so I could go wash it off. If you can't tell, I don't get injured too often. Blood is both confounding and thrilling. It gives me a usually false sense of "tough." Another thing worth mentioning is that I went to Melodies after school. It's Baby Step #1 towards achieving my ultimate goal of singing! Kelsey made me go, so she is picture of the day. Except for she is holding my flash case in front of her face. It's fun to put that case on your hand and pretend you don't have fingers. I'm going to Boston tomorrow and it's going to be fun and expensive. Yeah that's right, I am not going to school (also known as three classes of movies, one of working on a project, and study for three hours). The song of the day is "Crushed Bones" by Why? because it is in my head right now. I feel self-conscious sometimes that the songs of the day aren't varied enough. It's mostly just what's in my head.

Oh yeah, today's the first day of spring. So woo-hoo, it's spring, but this week still sucks. Wait, maybe that's why I hate this week so much! It's a transition between winter and spring, and I have seasonal depression! I think. 

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