March 12

The snow is receding like a balding man's hair! Someone should shoot me for that simile. I usually don't pay any attention to commercials, but there is this really strange one in which a (omg I can hear it in the living room right now) big mouth bass on the wall sings at a man eating a filet-o-fish, "Give me back my filet-o-fish, give me that fish" in a strange and surreally nasal fish-voice. My mom keeps imitating it, and her imitation is even more surreal than the commercial. Also I always read the AV Club reviews of American Idol (I may enjoy them more than watching the show), and last night there was a reference to this somehow-ubiquitous commercial. 

I would like to say, that I hate college. And I hate the new facebook.

Today I wanted to fall asleep in four classes in a row and I know I never used to be this tired. M. Monahan says I will get into McGill, and he is Québecois, so does that mean I got in? I don't know. Maybe I will contact McGill and ask them if only their admissions committee makes the decisions, or just any Québecois can. I feel bad that I'm so awful at volleyball. 

Why does my back hurt so bad? Why?

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Liz said...

Today my dad kept singing that filet-o-fish song and then when Kristina was practicing her violin, he found the commercial on youtube and started playing it just to annoy her. hahah