March 19

I don't even want to write about today because nothing about it constitutes part of  a "good day." The best part of this awful week is the way the sky looks before the sun goes down, and how I can enjoy it now, because I don't resent sunset when it comes at seven. I am skipping school this Saturday, I decided, and going to Boston. I haven't bought any clothing in a really long time. I will now briefly describe my ideal spring jacket. I want a jacket that I can wear inside and outside. Alright, that's enough. And I need new sneakers because the ones I'm wearing now, despite looking fashionably worn-in, in fact are just stained by Farmland doo-doo. I need to go to bed now and I found my lens cap so now I can put my camera in my Mazel Tov hat and take it places!

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