March 10

Sorry Stella is the picture of the day so often. She is just always there, and she doesn't move much, so she will always make for a good subject. It's really late. I found this chapstick I bought in Boston two years ago and it tastes like candy. I want to eat it. I just finished my Beloved critique. It's kind of okay. There are some parts I like. I bet it'll be destroyed. RIP badmitton, now we're playing demonic volleyball. I miss those feather-light birdies. Maybe I'll take up badmitton on my own. The song of the day is "A Sunday Smile" by Beirut. It's not even close to Sunday. I really want to try and see if I am capable of starting a huge project earlier than the day before it's due. You know, just as an experiment. It might be fun! Oh man. I would have more to say but my mind is falling asleep. Goodnight.

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Steve said...

Phoebe, its "try to see" not "try and see". GEEEEZZZ.