March 18

Although you can't tell from this picture, today was the warmest day since... October? September? I got to drive around with the window open and wear no coat. I like this picture because it shows the pile of dead sticks, remnant of the ice storm, that seems to be a staple in every Holden front yard. Except mine of course. Our dead sticks are strewn evenly and thickly throughout my yard-forest. I have so much to say about American Idol and absolutely no one wants to hear it. I want to start an American Idol blog that no one would read. That would be really fun. Today when I picked Emily up from Student Council I saw a man standing in front of a flag stand and staring up at the flag. Those things are pretty high up, so his head was at a ninety degree angle to his neck, and he was just staring. Characteristic of the middle of March, I feel completely disinterested in everything. Not uninterested, disinterested. There's a difference, you know.

The song of the day is "Credit Card Mail Order" by the Brunettes, even though I listened to Why? way more today. I love Why?. I recently re-discovered them, even though I never stopped listening to them. So I guess that's an inappropriate verb choice. I am trying to see how far I can walk away from school every day before someone picks me up. Someone always does. Today Molly did. Although Lanny drove by before and didn't stop. Lanny, if you're reading this right now, I hope you fall off a bridge. Just kidding, I don't hope that. 

I would like to recommend that everyone stay away from Nilla Cakesters. They're not nearly as good as you'd think.

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