March 2

Today is actually Casimir Pulaski Day. And it feels like winter is back. I shoveled the driveway and afterwards I threw my body headlong into mounds of snow because it's fun and it doesn't hurt. Also because I haven't even played in the snow this winter, which is absurd! I was listening to Passion Pit which probably wasn't appropriate music since snow is peaceful and Passion Pit is everything but. I'm not sure how I feel about Passion Pit. This picture is of the snow in the window above the kitchen sink. That window is the most photogenic part of my house. It is painted white but the paint is peeling and it is dark underneath. I finished Beloved today! I know it's going to be on my mind for a while. The song of the day is "Walk in the Park" by Oh No Oh My. I don't think anyone knows who they are. I don't, really. But I really like this album, because they say things like "nice day for a walk in the park/ nice day for a drive-by shooting" and then soon following are some cute "badaba ba badada"s.

I can never find a black sharpie when I need one. Three of my toes are numb. I can't really look forward to a real weekend after this week which is unfortunate, but at least I get to go snow-tubing, which may or may not be on my list of things-that-would-be-really-fun-if-I-wasn't-afraid.

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Liz said...

I can't wait for snowtubing! after 2 long years of waiting..hahah

Also, Happy (real) Casimir Pulaski Day!