January 16

This photo captures that I washed my hands in the bathroom. I want to start taking pictures of things that tell what happened in my day. Tomorrow I am bringing my camera to Mechanics Hall. I think this is my most tired week of senior year. That doesn't even make sense. I mean I'm more sleep deprived this week than I have been since junior year. But on the bright side, I am completely done applying to college (yearlong burden number one gone). Besides upcoming exams, I really have no long term projects or obligations. I feel very unburdened and free. It is a nice feeling. 

The song of the day is "Get Big" by Okkervil River. I used to really dislike that band, and I don't know why because now I enjoy them a lot. Sometimes bands that I label "growers" actually take like a year or more to grow on me. This post is lackluster because I am so tired. Tomorrow, after I spend eight hours at Mechanics Hall, I am going to watch Arrested Development and go to bed at nine :D

My mom made muffins that smell lemony

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