January 11

This is kind of lame, I know. But I really didn't have many opportunities to be creative today. Right now my mom is mad at me because I chose my FRQ on Spanish vs. Russian empire over shoveling the driveway. She is so mad in fact, that she has decided to drive Emily to school tomorrow but not I. It is probably the harshest punishment she can think of. Right now she and Emily are upstairs watching 24. Tony is back on the show, even though he "died" two seasons ago. Isn't that a little soap-opera-y? I watched that show religiously for one season and then lost all interest. Now I don't watch any TV shows regularly. I do however, have to finish this FRQ. Preferably soon. 

Today I stayed at Liz's until four. We watched Half Nelson which was good but really sad. The soundtrack Broken Social Scene. Then Liz drove me home and we talked about how we felt like we were in a movie. Because small towns under thick snow and ice are very aesthetic (not ascetic!). The song of the day is "Gemini (Birthday Song)" by Why?. It reminds me of certain people. I hope tomorrow is less cloudy.

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