January 10

Today was Liz's birthday and this is a picture of the candles she blew out. As you can see, each candle is being held by a separate hand. This is because we made the cake in the microwave and it is so hot that if you put candles in it, they instantly melt and then you have pools of colorful wax skimming the top of the cake before you even finish singing "Happy Birthday." I know this because of experience. Also we had another blizzard today. I think this may be the worst winter I have ever lived through. Or it might be the best. I don't know the difference. I took the ACTs today at the school with three other people. The reason for the lack of a bigger crowd is that it makes no sense to take the ACTs in January. Even less sense than taking the SATs in January. Megan Campbell was one of the three, and she was really mad about having to take the test, and her anger was very funny. I think I got every single question on the English portion right, but the math and science were kind of hard (Science is of what the world needs more!).

The song of the day is Ocean Rain by Echo and the Bunnymen because I watched Donnie Darko and then had the urge to listen to the Echo and the Bunnymen album Andrew gave me. I don't even think Ocean Rain is in Donnie Darko, but lots of other E and the B songs are. Maybe they put those songs in because of Frank the demonic Bunny. Scary.

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