January 28

SORRY I didn't put up the picture of the day yesterday and just put it up now. It wasn't my fault, it was Blogspot's for not loading it! At least I actually took that picture on January 27. This is not the last time I won't put a picture up on the day I take it... I have to go camping at SOME point. Today was a snow day and Emily finished drawing a picture of my face that she started yesterday night. It's pretty decent; I think most people would be able to tell it is me. She spilled some tea on it and she screamed, but the tea evaporated and left behind no clearly visible stains. So my face is okay, for now. I was supposed to study today for midterms but I didn't really do all that much. This is partially because two out of my four midterms are all or mostly AP practice tests that can't be studied for. This may or not be just an excuse. 

Last night I dreamt that I was in a rich suburban neighborhood that had no roads, just cleanly mowed grass. And I was with Jeff Greene (?) and we were frantically trying to get to everyone's house and tell them that they had to stay inside their house, and not go outside, or they would die. Because there was this scary guy wearing a Scream mask, actually I think it was Scream, and he was going from house to house and killing everyone who was in their front yard. He wasn't even scary-looking at all. He just looked like a guy who had bought a Scream mask from iParty and was walking around really slowly. But that was my dream. I took a shower today that was way too hot and it made me dizzy. Once the water is a certain temperature though, you can't make it colder because then you just miss the hot. 

The song of the day is "The Blues are Still Blue" by Belle and Sebastian because I played it in the kitchen and started dancing really weird. I wanted Emily to dance with me but she just took pictures instead and they are really embarrassing. My mom made blueberry-lemon-cornmeal muffins. They taste good, but are those three things supposed to be combined into one muffin? I guess you have to include that recipe when you're writing a book called "500 Muffins." 


Liz said...

I also had a strange dream last night, so I'm gonna share. Abi Wilson and I were running on the side of a snowy highway so that we could see some fireworks, but then I dropped my CD player so I went back to get it and she was gone. Next I was with my mom and we decided to climb a lighthouse in order to see the fireworks better. There were Chinese vendors at the bottom of the lighthouse trying to sell us fresh fruit and vegetables, but we just went past and tried to find a way to the top. The lighthouse was really wobbly and felt like it was going to tip over at any moment. When I got to the top I was sitting on the edge clutching some loose string that went around the edge as a "railing" and I watched some boy jump off into the water. I couldn't find my mom so I texted her and then next thing I knew I was driving my dad's car except I was sitting in the passenger's seat and I started freaking out because I realized I was going down a hill and I couldn't put on the brake. Then I woke up.

Liz said...

P.S. I really enjoy reading your "picture of the day" every day. You're great

Phoebe Glick said...

I've had so many dreams in which I'm driving and then realize I can't put on the brake! Even before I drove. I wonder what it means.