January 21

Today my mom made what she calls "muffin mishaps." As much as I like to defend her muffins, these were not good. They were each two inches tall and flat. And not very sweet. And they were chocolate brown even though they were strawberry muffins. This is a picture of Stella before I played "Put the Cat Under the Blanket and See How Long it Takes Her to Get Out." It took Stella two hours, which was an abnormally long time for her. I think she was sleeping.

In study hall we had to go see Mrs. Knowles to talk about Freshman Mentoring. She made us do this activity called "Cave Rescue" in which, based on the profiles of six high school students, including their age, gender, race, and academic tendency, we had to place them in order of who deserved to survive the most. It was really depressing I hated it and refused to participate. I wore yellow pants today.

Since "Heartless" by Kanye West is in my head, that's the song of the day. Emily is kind of sick. She thought she had a fever so she took tylenol and then my mom was mad because "MEDICINE ISN'T HARMLESS, EMILY!" This is like the fifth ailment Emily has had in two weeks (one of these ailments was carpal tunnel).

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