January 5

The picture of the day today is contrived because I had nothing to take a picture of that was interesting and not contrived. I was going to bring my camera to the gymnastics meet and I probably could have gotten a good shot there, but then Liz didn't want to go anymore because she is on Vicodin (sp?) and she feels very run down. I felt really relieved about college for a little while today but shortly after I felt panicky. I can't wait until this ugly process is over. Actually, it will pretty much all be over in a week or so. Just some odds and ends after that. 

School was good today and it was nice to be doing something. Ms. Jensen talked for most of the period about her experiences in the power outage, which included sharing a sleeping bag with her two dogs. I bet everyone was thinking about how sad it is that the only other beings Ms. Jensen will ever share a sleeping bag with aren't humans. I made Lanny some CDs so he would make me some and the only blank CDs we had were black. And I thought this was really funny and I laughed while I was writing illegibly on them, because, why would you make/ buy black CDs? The song of the day today is "I Never" by Rilo Kiley because I listened to the album it's on while I was eating breakfast this morning and then it was in my head. I like listening to music in the morning. Sometimes when I'm listening to Rilo Kiley I imagine that I'm singing onstage and my voice is Jenny Lewis' voice. Because she has such a beautiful, enviable voice. Today my mom made blueberry muffins and they are her best yet.

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JEN said...

Those are cute, even if they are contrived.