January 6

I can't wait until spring because then I can take photos outside. Usually by the time I am ready to take a picture it is too dark to go out and I have to find something of interest inside. I came upstairs to find this chair in the middle of the floor and crooked just like it is in this picture, and I thought the lighting was  really cool. Unfortunately, my finger crept into the frame (I'm sure if you haven't noticed this before it's all you can think about now) but I still think it's an okay enough shot to be picture of the day. I just watched There Will Be Blood. Everyone should watch that movie.

Today I went to the dollar store to get an application and the lady at the counter said they wouldn't be hiring until spring because it was still slow. She wasn't a very nice lady. I think I'm still going to apply anyways just in case. The lady had auburn-reddish hair but her eyebrows were grey and very thin. She was cleaning the conveyor belt with windex when I came in. Part of the reason I want to work at the dollar store is that I'll get to do jobs like cleaning a conveyor belt with Windex. Wait, is it conveyor or conveyer? There is supposedly another ice storm tonight and if it is any degree of the last one we are in trouble. The song of the day is Oliver James by Fleet Foxes. 

Oh I almost forgot to mention, my sister got gum surgery today. She said it wasn't bad and she couldn't feel it but it hurt a lot once it was over and they were bleeding dully for the rest of the day. When I got home she and Chad were in the basement watching Catch Me if You Can, and I went in to sit with them and every once in a while Emily would say, "Don't look" and then spit a little blood into a tissue.

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