January 23

I guess today is self-portrait day. I wore that orange hat for like five minutes because it matched with my new "Come on Feel the Illinoise" shirt that came in the mail. I really like ordering things online because I usually forget about them by the time they come in the mail, and then it's like an unexpected present! I thought it was wet when I got it out of the mailbox, but it was really just cold. Friday seems longer than any other weekday, and I don't know why. Today I went out to dinner with Liz, Abby, and Abi to celebrate our last night of freedom before a week and a half of midterm torture. I don't want to get into that right now. Our waitress' name was Nora but I kept wanting to call her NoĆ«lle. She asked Abi if she wanted to ship her leftovers to China. Speaking of cats, Abby and Abi both brought me late cat-related Christmas presents. Now I have a book of cat facts, a cat calender, and a cat picture frame, among other things. They were excellent. I am officially a 70 year-old widow. 

Tomorrow I have to go to my "new job" which is in fact, not a job at all, but my mom giving me money in exchange for my services in making Microsoft Publisher brochures. She is really excited about this arrangement. I think it is really troublesome to her that I spend so much time idle these days. But it's not my fault that I NEVER HAVE HOMEWORK. The song of the day is "King of Carrot Flowers Part 1" by Neutral Milk Hotel. I love that song.

I think I am a devout Bokononist now. So is Liz. Today Mr. Tarmey said "The cradle can't hold a cat! or a baby! or truth!"

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