January 15

I think this picture is pretty 
I took it while I was waiting for Emily to get out of dance. She dances in a really depressing building. It's nice and clean and well-lighted inside, but it looks like an abandoned warehouse from the exterior. Do you ever notice how the uglier buildings make for more well-composed photographs? We went to Panera after this and saw Liz. 

Today was boring. Again. I finished applying to college, and I guess it's sort of a relief, although I never really felt too burdened by the process (maybe I should have). Also I ate two muffins today. They were both blueberry, but one was made by my mom and one was made in a factory by a corporation who then sends the products to Wachusett. Speaking of Wachusett, the price of orange juice is 75 cents now! Rip off. The song of the day is "River Euphrates" by the Pixies.

According to rumor, the high temperature for tomorrow is zero degrees fahrenheit. 


SteveCRazorpaw said...

Fave picture thus far.

Amber said...

Have you every read "Perks of Being a Wallflower"?
Additionally, would you be okay with it if I crashed at your place for a few days this summer? I've asked your mom but I won't come by if you and your sister are not okay with it.
I love the music you love.

Phoebe Glick said...

Yes I have read "Perks of Being a Wallflower." Please stay at my house!