January 31

I blogged every day for a month! Hooray! This deserves a celebration. Tonight was kind of really bad but it wasn't so until about ten o'clock. Before that it was fine. My last madrigal was pretty enjoyable. Susie fell off her chair and hit her music stand, which held all her music and her flute, on the way down, and it was quite loud and disruptive and hilarious. Other things she hit during her tumble include a luna bar (no peanut butter), a cup of water, and a chair. Cara Harvey said she looked like a "fish out of water," which I thought was a pretty accurate analogy. Even though I've gone every year, madrigal reminds me of being a freshman. It was a really poetic year. The song of the day is "The Bends" by Radiohead because it's been in my head all day, even though I didn't listen to it at all.

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