January 25

Stella is sick today! I think she had too much insulin and she couldn't move her legs and was twitching and wouldn't eat her food. It was really scary and sad. But she is okay now. I read Heart of Darkness out loud to myself because when there is noise and distractions, it is incredibly hard to concentrate on Heart of Darkness. I just pretended someone else was reading to me. Also I ordered a Belle and Sebastian poster on the internet that was 4 British pounds which is something like six or seven dollars. This fire was incredibly hot. When I was taking the picture, my face felt like it was getting a sunburn. I was wondering how hot my lens would have to be before it melted (don't worry, it didn't melt). 

No muffins today, but my sister made cinnamon buns. Also, as a result of sleeping on the futon in the basement, my neck was stiff and I couldn't turn my head to the left. It reminded me of the only other time that happened - I was in eighth grade and I was going to the Quabbin Valley concert and playing my flute put my head at exactly the angle that was most painful. I really like question marks. ???????????

The song of the day is "She's a Jar" by Wilco.

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JEN said...


The ending made me laugh. And also this entry made me feel sorry for your neck.