January 17

Today was a fun day. I didn't end up having to spend the whole day at Mechanics Hall because I wasn't actually needed between the hours of 11:45 and 5:30, so my parents came and picked me up for lunch and then I just went home for a while. I tried to sleep while I was at home because I was so tired that my eyelids were dropping while I was standing, but I couldn't fall asleep and just had a bunch of weird stage-one dreams that were totally controllable and thus completely unenjoyable. I drank some juice for energy. When I got to Mechanics Hall I saw Liz walking down a corridor as I entered. She came this time! I was really happy to see her. She had to sneak in without a ticket because she paid twenty dollars for parking for some reason and paying an extra fifteen dollars just to hear me play four songs would have been wholly regrettable. Then I made a friend whose name was Paul, but I didn't know his name was Paul until the encounter was pretty much over, and I wished I knew before so I could have told him that Paul is my favorite male name ever. Seriously. There is a significant Paul in my future. I am probably going to marry him, if I ever get married. And if I marry someone whose name is Dan or Kevin or something else other than Paul, my life will probably be just the same except for I will periodically wonder if I would be happier if my husband's name was Paul. 

As you can see, it's eleven thirty and not nine, which was when I promised I would go to bed yesterday. I did watch Arrested Development though. It's "Hil-air!" as Steve would say. I don't feel like dancing much lately. The song of the day is "Save it for Later" by the English Beat because it came on the radio today and I love when songs that I would otherwise listen to on my own come on the radio. It's a relatively rare occurrence. 

Oh I almost forgot to talk about the picture. That is a muffin, but definitely the most misshapen muffin I have ever seen, much less eaten. Misshapen things get to be picture of the day.

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