January 26

I have a Tegan and Sara song stuck in my head, but it's not the song of the day! "Intervention" by the Arcade Fire is. Today I drove around with Liz trying to find a copy of "Apocalypse Now." We finally found it at Best Buy after wasting an hour, and then we didn't even watch it because we didn't have time. It came in a little cardboard case shaped like a package and it had a red seal that I accidentally ripped a little when we were driving home. I like Worcester best in the winter because its dirty, ugly appearance isn't trying to be concealed by nice weather. Tonight I wanted some apple juice but there were literally no clean glasses except for the olds ones in the pantry that are all dusty, so I drank out of a little glass bowl, two inches in height. I felt like a cat. This is the grill on the deck, all frozen. 

I left my comforters in the basement from the other night so instead of going downstairs to get them, I am sleeping under an unzipped sleeping bag and a fleece blanket that I accidentally stole from Farmland. It has green fake silk around the edges and it's covered in pictures of cowboys. Being away from Farmland gives me the false impression that I liked it and that I miss working there. My hands are starting to be less dry, thanks to some moisturizer I found at the dermatologist's office.

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SteveCRazorpaw said...

Holy shit. Holy motherfucking shit. You actually wanted to drink something.