January 19 - Martin Luther King Day

I just thought of another reason I want to go to college. I am bored. I think my principal emotion of senior year has been boredom. Or some other kind of related numbness. This is a picture of my front yard today. I need to start taking better winter-pictures, if you know what I mean. This is such an intense winter that it needs to be documented.

I'm skipping school tomorrow to go to a doctor's appointment and then to watch the inauguration. The only part of school I'm going to is last period french, to watch the remaining three minutes of "The Vanishing." I'm pretty sure the main character is going to be murdered. I just don't see another way to end the movie. The song of today is "Say Yes" by Elliot Smith. Two of my fingers are cold right now and I'm bored.

Today I had nothing to do and too much thinking time. Not so good.

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Mr. Bronson said...

:) So you found me... I actually wanted to ask you if it was ok that I did this because I felt like such a copier... I did give you anonymous reference in my first little picture down there :) I will be lucky if I can keep mine going. I'm already finding it difficult to find the time. Do you keep your camera with you all the time? Thanks for the idea Phoebe.