February 9

The song of the day today is "I'm Always in Love" by Wilco. It's love song week! Even though yesterday's was far from a love song. I love Valentine's Day. I love any school day that is abnormal. Today I babysat for the Macks because Emily couldn't. This is Olivia, and you can't see it but she is standing over the fort I made for her and Eli. It was a very well-made fort, but the ceiling was probably a foot and a half over the ground so they just laid down on their backs inside it and giggled and then at some point it came down on top of them and it was the most hilarious thing that's ever happened to anyone, ever. I am trying to finish cleaning/ re-doing my room for tomorrow, because that's when I projected its culmination; it's not going to happen. Oh yeah today I had my first gym class since last spring. I found a fault in myself I want to change. I think I talk too loud, too fast, and too much. When I get excited I can't stop. Did I mention I like to write?

Today I learned that pterodactyl is not spelled terodactyl. I feel really bad about this. I've been spelling it without the p all my life! 

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Steve Cary said...

Phoebe, honestly, how many times have you had to spell pterodactyl in your life? Oh that's right, you took Dino Lit.