February 21

This photo was taken from a moving car. Also I am writing this entry on February 22, which is kind of against the rules for this blog. I just feel so bad about not blogging for three days! I was in a cabin in New Hampshire and I went skiing. Not blogging feels similar to not doing my homework and going to class anyways and just waiting for the blow. But it's going to go back to normal now. As soon as I put up the picture for today (February 22). Anyways skiing was fun. On the second day (February 21) I listened to Radiohead while I skiied and it turns out to improve the experience of skiing, which is already a positive experience, by a great deal. "Paranoid Android" would have been the song of the day had I blogged yesterday, but pretty much any song on OK Computer would have worked. Subterranean Homesick Alien and Karma Police made me feel like I was skiing in slow motion. It was surreal and so, so cool. My whole body is sore right now. I shouldn't have taken this long a break from skiing. The snow is back after a short break but it is especially wintery in the White Mountains. It didn't stop snowing the entire time we were there. I should also mention that Liz and her sister and Kbob and other people I know were at the Highland Lodge at the same time we were. Which is uncanny and coincidental even though I actually knew they were going to be there ahead of time. We wanted to make it a surprise for everyone we were with so we didn't tell anyone we were expecting to see each other and the surprise worked. Everyone who works at Highland is from another country. Our favorites were the German guy who worked at the desk and a guy from Brazil who answered the question, "What kind of salad dressing is this" with "Yes." and a huge smile. I have to write an entire critique today. Do you think I can do it? I think I can, purely because there is no alternative. I'll put up the picture for today in a couple of hours. We'll see how far I've come.

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