February 3

I have an amazing headache right now. Today I had my last two midterms and they were both really easy and didn't make my stomach hurt at all. Then I went to Jumpin' Juice n' Java with Liz, Abi, and Abby and I've never been there before but I want to go back. I ordered a wrap and some cranberry-raspberry soda that I JUST finished five minutes ago. Steve would have been aggravated. This is Emily when she was plucking her eyebrows, which is an action she thought would make for an unflattering picture, but turns out it's not, and who is surprised by that? The song of the day is "Acid Tongue" by Jenny Lewis. I love her. I have this weird and bothersome cough. I think my immune system is a little weak and decrepit right now, but I'm not as bad as Emily. 

I decided to clean my room very thoroughly, but I can't do it all at once, so I have divided the cleaning into nightly installments and I should be done by next Tuesday. The hardest day is going to be this Friday because it's the day where I will fold all the clean clothes that reside under my bed, on my closet floor, and in, around, and under my pink U-shaped chair. I hate folding clothes, especially when there is no room to put them anywhere once they're folded. Now I have to give Stella her insulin, then put on some chap-stick, then go to bed.

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