February 23

The difference between now and a week ago, before February vacation, isn't that I'm more relaxed now, but that I'm growing more disinterested in school. What is the point again? Everything I'm doing and everything I'm looking forward to is something that's already happened at least once before. I was pretty excited for prom but I don't even know why because I already was excited for prom last year, and the year before, and the excitement is quite possibly better than the experience. I'm also excited to go to Toronto. Well I don't know why I shouldn't be excited for this. I just feel like I've done this all before. Everything new and weird seems more fun now. Like hanging out in a strange town all day or re-doing my room or singing all the time or writing just for the hell of it. Spring is going to be great. This feverish excitement is only going to grow worse. A week from now it'll be March! I have homework tonight. I don't have time for homework! How can teachers expect me to find time to do things other than reading, Facebook, and taking pictures. Next time it rains, I'm going to take a walk down my street.

Abby gave me a grow-your-own-male-stripper and I think he's done growing now. He's pretty slimy and his facial features are deformed, but what do you really expect. I might put him on my bookshelf, if he can stand up by himself. On the bookshelf right now is a tiny metal knight that I got at Allie Pelletz's fourth birthday party at the Higgins Armory, among other things. I think the ice storm cured me of being cold because I haven't felt cold since then. I'm immune. The song of the day is "Carpetbaggers" by Jenny Lewis.

I just used a microwave for the first time in my life! Our neighbors gave us a really old one, and we've never had one before, and my sister bought PopSecret popcorn at the store. And I wanted to make some but I had to call Steve and he walked me through the process after thoroughly enjoying my naivtee. Now I have popcorn!

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Steve said...

You're a Neaderthal!