February 22

My critique is a shining beacon of excellence. And that is horrendously cocky, but I'm feeling very proud right now! I'm really happy I don't have to stay up any longer, or go to school tomorrow without a critique, or without one I am proud of. Actually, I have been done with my critique for a couple hours. I watched the Oscars! I love Kate Winslet. Pictured: Stella having a bath. She just stood there with a pained expression like she was enduring it until it was over. Also whenever she gets wet her ear sticks down like that. Stella is one of the chief sources of entertainment in my life. I can't figure out where to put my poster of Thoreau in my room. I am running out of decent wall space. The song of the day is At Last, by Etta James. Shoot me, I love it. And I love singing it. I still have the same shattered dream.

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