February 13

I didn't expect this to be the picture of the day when I took it. In fact, it was sort of taken by accident. But my memory card has taken up the wonderful habit of labeling certain photos "corrupt" and thus making them unreadable to a computer, so I didn't have much to work with. Not that I don't like this photo. I just would have rather had the one of Liz's hand writing on a Bratz valentine. Also I took a picture of a paper heart that said my name on it taped to my locker, but it was not a good photograph. It was gray and uninteresting. 

Today was Valentine's Day, for all intents and purposes. I used to say "for all intensive purposes." A man came to our school to give us his lecture on a girl who died at Columbine. It was a beautiful talk, I thought. I wonder if it made any impact on people. I'm not really thinking about it now, but I had this overwhelming feeling of emotion while I was listening to him talk and I couldn't pinpoint exactly why I was crying at the time, but I think I know why now. I could just feel everyone else being so focused and intent and all thinking about the same thing and all being sad for Rachel Scott. It was really intense. And it is hard for me to remember that feeling now, when I am alone. But I trust that it existed. Be nicer.

The song of the day is "You Really Got a Hold on Me" by She&Him. It's a love song! And I'm not afraid to sing it and all the other songs on that album because Zooey Deschanel's voice is kind of plain and unintimidating. I wish I was a singer! 

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