February 2

Not a molecule. I don't even remember what that is referring to. I have no idea how well I'm going to fare on my anatomy midterm tomorrow. Today Liz stayed at my house from 10 am to 8 pm. We painted our nails and I painted mine red even though I just painted them green. And we had to keep the door shut to my room because Emily was sleeping so the nail polish smell just contaminated the room and we inhaled it while we studied for anatomy and wrote secret lists. The song of the day is "Purple Bottle" by Animal Collective because it is a real cutie. Tomorrow after I take my two midterms, first semester of senior year will be over! How exciting! I know it's not going to be easier, but it's still cathartic. CAThartic. Meow.

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Mr. Bronson said...

really nice focus in this one phoebs