February 12

Today it rained and was very windy and the rain was freezing cold. I drove around Worcester looking for children's Valentines and didn't find them until I went back to the CVS in Holden. I bought Disney Pixar ones even though the only movie I liked out the whole set was Wall-E. But I had to buy them because the Ratatouille one said "Bonjour Valentine" and it was funny. I love insignificant secular holidays. When I was in Target I almost bought a four dollar framed picture of a stegosaurus that said "STEGO," but then I decided I didn't want to dispense four dollars on it. I can't decide if I regret that decision or not. The song of the day is "The District Sleeps Alone" by the Postal Service because it complimented so well the weird dark clouds and the quickly-over rain showers. It reminds me of this time in sophomore year, which was a bad time. I just painted my nails with a pink that I've had since I was a very small child. I think it's time to retire this shade because it made my nails streaky and they smell like play-do which is not the typical scent of nail polish. Tomorrow's going to be so fun! Expect a love-themed picture of the day. 

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