February 16 - President's Day

Today Liz, Abby, other Abi, and I went to Walden together for the first time since we skinny-dipped there in August. We've been trying to organize this for a while and it felt so nice to finally revisit. I bought a piece of card-stock with Thoreau's face on it; it's going in my (NOW BEAUTIFUL) room. Also we went to a sculpture park in Lincoln. My favorite sculpture was one of three giant fish suspended from trees, all exciting and surreal. I would just like to express right now how much Walden, the pond and the book, mean to me. Okay that's good.

Tomorrow I have to write a whole critique! I don't think I can do it. And after tomorrow, I pretty much won't be home again until Sunday afternoon. I'm going to New York City, and then I'm going skiing. This is probably the least boring February vacation I've ever had. Last year I was in Driver's Ed at this time. The year before I stayed at home all week, unable to drive. I read this uninteresting book by an unknown author and I wrote a journal in a big UVM notebook. I still have it. I talk about how bored I was and how many times I ate macaroni and cheese. Why is it that only my right hand gets cold when I sit in this room and type on this computer? Oh man, the air at Walden Pond is so healthy to breathe! You breathe it and you feel like you breathed in something good for your insides. I was so happy today.

The song of the day is "In This Home on Ice" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, even though I think this was the song of the day recently. I love the line "Blue, you radiant blue, I don't know how you could stand next to me." Sometimes I want to tell this to people.

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