February 27

My dad is awake and wandering around the house because he is has a cough and can't sleep and he asked me what I do when I can't sleep and it occurred to me I have never gotten out of bed once I am in it, unless it is the morning. Even if I can't sleep, I just lay there; sometimes it takes hours. So I don't really know what I would do. Today is Steve's birthday so it was a slightly abnormal school day which was good. I brought a birthday muffin for study but then Steve was late to study and I didn't know where he was so in my confusion and hunger, I ate the muffin. And Liz and I made him some coupons (18 of them) and they are great. Mostly Steve humor, but that was what was important anyways. We ran out of ideas towards the end of the book. Coupon number 15 just said "All the single ladies" with a drawing of a ring on it. At T-Sam's Lanny and I snuck away to tell the waiter it was Steve's birthday and he got so excited and yelled and the waitress who was standing nearby yelled also and we had to tell them to be quiet so Steve wouldn't hear. But don't worry, he was oblivious and watching America's Best Dance Crew so he was still surprised when a large portion of the wait staff came out with fried ice cream and candles, banging tin trays together and singing about Birthdays. The picture is of a ketchup bottle, and behind it is the fried ice cream. It was a pretty fun night.

I have a different chapstick in each pocket. Do you know how rare this is? I lose my chapstick all the time, and I don't think I've ever known the whereabouts of more than one, much less carried them on my persona. I promised I would put up the picture of the day before ten o'clock every night for a week. It might be hard. The song of the day is "Sister" by Sufjan Stevens. A lot of people on think the really long distorted guitar part ruins the song, but I love it. Yesterday I watched Sufjan Stevens music videos, which mostly consist of him playing the song on a banjo or other acoustic instrument, singing, and not looking at the camera. They would be boring if he wasn't such a wonderful specimen.

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