February 11

Today it was really hard to choose the picture of the day because I thought I took a bunch of good ones. I took this while driving the car and blindly holding the camera through the window. It was highly amateur. I wanted to take pictures outside because it was so nice out but I didn't want to walk because I didn't have much time so instead I drove around town sporadically and dangerously, often times looking through the viewfinder and veering off the road. I was honked at twice. It was really embarrassing but fun. Also it was SO WARM TODAY. But it was sad because I know it's just fake-April and spring is really not even close at all. This is just not what snow is supposed to look like. To me, winter is only romantic for a month or so. Then it gets dirty. February is a dirty month and it's on the very top of my most-hated month list, surpassed only by January. Today when I drove home from orchestra I put the windows down and I listened to the Strokes, and the first song on the album was so good and it just gave me that feeling that good songs often do that I love everything. I loved orchestra. And driving. And American Idol. Which are all things that I actually do love, but more so when I am listening to "The Modern Age" (also song of the day). Now I have to go read a bunch of Beloved. I love Beloved. But it is creeping me out a lot. Also my right hand is super cold right now.

I almost forgot to talk about the subject of this picture. It's the ugly mess on the end of my street. It used to be so beautiful in this spot, and now they're building a Walgreens and it is disillusioning and depressing and a replacement of the little aesthetic charm my town has left with a heartless, fluorescent block of synthetic walls and floors. I like this picture though.


Liz said...

we first learned to drive right there =[

Phoebe Glick said...

sad :(