February 26

As you can probably infer, my mom made banana chocolate chip muffins today and they are delicious! This week is really boring, so much that I'm self-conscious about the monotony of this blog. I've watched Arthur every day this week. Last night I had a scary dream but I wasn't fully asleep when I had it. I thought I saw a dark figure standing in the hallway outside my room and I just laid there and stared at it (fully awake) until I realized that it had to be Beloved, and then I went back to sleep but had a bunch of fleeting, frantic nightmares about the book. Beloved is probably the scariest fictional character I have ever encountered in a book. Voldemort comes close, but we all knew Voldemort was going to be defeated eventually. 

The song of the day is "Fake Headlines" by the New Pornographers because it gets better as it goes along. Happy birthday Steve in one hour!

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