February 8

Today my mom made weird muffins that have apricot jelly in the middle. They are so good! Lanny and I went to keep Michela company while she was babysitting. We went for a walk with her and the baby and had a rendez-vous with a crazy dog who charged us multiple times. We had to shield the baby, but she was laughing. I'm wearing new socks today! They are purple. I read this kid's book called "Love that Dog" about a boy who is learning to write poetry and he writes about his dog named Sky who was hit by a car. It doesn't feel natural to have this little work to do. By the way, Neil Diamond is on the Grammy's right now and my mom just said, "Why isn't he dead yet??" The song of the day is "15 Step" by Radiohead. There is no song of the day yesterday. Unless you really want one. 

Yesterday was pretty bad, but it wasn't devoid of fun moments, so I'm glad I decided against fast-forwarding the whole day. The picture from yesterday is Liz leaning up against a wall while we waited in the parking lot for Jen before going to Cafe Dolce. It was so warm out. It's so warm out today too. My parents want to buy me a new bed. I think it's pretty bad timing.

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