August 6

Today I babysat for most of the day and it was fun. We went to Friendly's on the condition Livi and Eli would pay for their ice cream with their allowances. Eli whined about this decision the whole way there because he had been saving up his money for a long time and didn't want to spend any of it. He only had four dollars and a small handful of pennies. I ended up paying for half of his ice cream, and when he wasn't looking, dumping most of my change into his wallet so he only actually paid about seventy five cents. 

Here is the truth: I want to be done working at Farmland. I feel like I wasn't even a real employee there this summer because I was so unattached. The song of the day is "In The Aeroplane Over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel, because I learned to play it on the guitar. And by that I mean I learned a progression of four chords and when I am done playing one chord, it takes me about five seconds of silence to find the next. But my mom said in passing, "Hey, that actually sounds like something!" so I guess I am making music sense now.


JEN said...

What are the chords?!

Kelsey Lee said...

yay I love that song!