August 13

Today was a completely fun and non-regrettable day at the beach. For some reason I only go to the beach when it's cloudy; this may be because it is cloudy way more often than sunny. But it was perfect today because it cleared up and the blue sky said hi to us and we swam in the water and fell asleep on the sand and bought candy and drove home and laid around and then went bowling. Now I am making a list of things to buy for college which is becoming a list of things I use in my everyday life. I just realized I am still pretty sandy, woops. Tomorrow I'm working at Farmland half the day, I hope my boss doesn't get mad at me. The song of the day is "A Wish" by Gregory & the Hawk. I like being with my friends. I wish I had more time with them.


kathryn. said...

i like being with your friends too especially if they look like that girl up derr

Kelsey Lee said...

who IS that girl. she's soo hottt