August 12

You know that summer's on the outs when the thought of winter isn't cringe-worthy anymore. Not to say I'm excited or anything. Tomorrow we're going to the beach and it's going to be really fun. I realize that this is the last week of summer that all of my friends are still here. Next week, they start to filter away one by one. I will be the last one at home. Even my sister starts school before I do. I'm going to feel like the only one left alive. Depressing. Anyways, it's my birthday next Tuesday. Every year my birthday is after all my friends have already had theirs, so it's not even a big deal when I become one year older. This year is cool because I'll be 18 on the 18th. Today Liz showed me all the stuff she bought for college and it made me excited to start writing a list. I would do it now if I wasn't already going to bed. The song of the day is "Wasted & Ready" by Ben Kweller. 

My throat hurts weird. Stella lost three pounds, which doesn't seem noteworthy until you consider that it was one fourth of her total weight.

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