August 3

Do you ever feel so disorganized that the disorganization and disorder pollutes your otherwise orderly mind? Tonight, before I fall asleep, I will lay awake in my bed and think, like I always do. But tonight I will mentally make a list of things to think about during this time, so I don't waste any thinking time on the massive amounts of clutter in my thoughts. This might be the first time I've blogged while being at least partially asleep. A combination of very little sleep last night and nine hours of what is considered by the majority of ordinary Americans to be manual labor is making it extraordinarily difficult for me to keep my eyelids from blocking my vision. 

This weekend, all of it, was so much fun that I don't even think it's fair. Like I should share my fun next time I have so much. Liz and I were together for four days straight and didn't once regret it. I should probably come up with a sentiment with which to wrap up this post, but instead, I think I'll go to sleep.

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