August 15

My day was filled with productive pursuits. I think I found closure with a lot of people today. Liz and I and Abby and Abi re-united our "foursie" for the last time before college. We had to say goodbye to Abi Wilson and everything started to hit me hard. I thought I had a lot more time to say goodbye. Next week even more goodbyes will start filtering in. My dad is painting the deck red. Before we had our new deck, we had an old one that looked exactly like it only it had been chewed up by carpenter ants. It was painted this same rust color and when I see our new deck painted red, it might remind me of the way things were. I have two more days of being seventeen.

The red isn't the red we painted it's



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Bryan Diehl said...

I remember peeling paint chips off your deck back in the d. Sorry about that. Also your dad has some fresh boots going on.