August 24

Tomorrow morning at 9 my sister and I are having done a professionally taken photo of ourselves. I don't know why, and this fact just occurred to me. I still can't stop listening to Neutral Milk Hotel. What's worse, I can't stop playing Neutral Milk Hotel on the guitar, and I'm still really bad at guitar. I'm starting to think they might just be an illusion. I mean it would make sense. They only existed as a band for a very short time, wrote an incredibly beautiful album mostly about something that happened half a century earlier, and then fell off the face of the planet. Also, what does "Neutral Milk Hotel" mean? Makes no sense unless you try really hard, like one of Kathryn's poems. See, they must be an illusion.

Having a laptop for the first time is dangerous because it guarantees that I can just be on the computer any time I want in any place I want. I'm hungry. Goodbyes are coming every day now. Maybe I'll develop a sort of shield that prevents me completely from being affected by sadness and missing people. Actually I'm pretty sure that already exists, but I can't think of what its called right now.

If you wanted to know, I found Krazy glue and now my broken shards are glued together. So the finished product looks decent, if not nice, at least for now. The song of the day is "Like Dylan in the Movies" by Belle and Sebastian, even though I really wanted it to be "Holland 1945" by Neutral Milk Hotel.

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