August 5

August 5 doesn't really matter to anyone, and I don't know anyone who'd refute that statement. I forgot to announce that I had blogged 200 times when it was true; now I've blogged somewhere around 216 times. That means I am approximately 28 days away from being two thirds done blogging, which means this year is two thirds over. On a completely unrelated note, the only productive things I did today were watching So You Think You Can Dance, with Liz and Steve and Ann, and painting my toenails. Clearly my definition of productive has shifted a little since the school year. I am actually very excited to return to that whole intellectual stimulation thing.

I am trying not to let myself become really stressed out by a lot of little things. It's not an easy task. The song of the day is "Easy" by Deer Tick. I can't decide if I feel like my summer is passing slowly or rapidly. It seems like one week is such a huge unit of time, because so much changes in one week, but at the same time, weeks fly by. I don't want this to end and everyone's starting to talk like it's over already.

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