August 29

Today I woke up at eight thirty and it felt like the earliest I had been awake all summer. It wasn't at all, I've woken up at six fifty every farmland day, but something about the combination of dark cold and rainy made me feel like I was getting up for the first day of high school. It was awful. There couldn't be much worse than going to high school after already having been at high school for four years. Good thing most people don't have to do that. 

Kathryn picked me up and we drove to have a send-off breakfast for Lanny and Michela. I'm going to miss them both a lot. Their personalities are huge presences in my life, they both just have an ability to attract friendships. I started getting really excited for both of them, partially because they're moving to New York City but mostly just because they're going to college. Did I mention I'm ready?

Kathryn gave me a bracelet that says "Foxy B" and my mom liked it and called me a Foxy B. I pointed out to her what Foxy B meant, but it did little to alter her already formed opinion. Today I wore a sweatshirt and socks. I hate winter. This better not have been it for hot weather of 2009. I think I have seasonal affective disorder.

Oh the song of the day is "Gotholympians" by Andrew Bird. I dedicate this song of the day to Kelsey, who gave me "Fingerlings." I listened to this album today when it was raining hard and I played it really loud on my laptop and put on that visualizer thing that makes cool colors and designs and I just stared at it and thought about how much I like music.