August 30

Today I did nothing for the majority of the day, and then I packed a little bit. I realized I have a lot less to pack than I thought I did. I thought I was going to need a Uhaul but turns out a car is going to suffice. I tried to make a bulletin board for my dorm. I gathered a couple pictures I had laying around including one of Lanny, Michela and me we took at a mall photobooth in December during a blizzard. Actually it was Michela's birthday. The point is, I was bad at organizing the bulletin board and gave up. I don't really have the decorator gene and I predict my dorm room to be an assortment of arbitrary colors and patterns and a lot of blank space. Later, Steve and Lauren came over and we watched Adventureland. We also video chatted Kathryn and Kelsey and Michela. Video chatting is so much fun and the best. Wow, I just did a blog recap of my day, didn't I. A blogcap if you will. Blogcat.

I think the hardest transition for me going into college is going to be wearing articles of clothing to sleep that are presentable to the public. Meaning that now I sleep in XL nightgowns from my grandmother, and soon I'm going to have to wear matching Aerie ensembles and act like nothing's weird about it. The song of the day is "Pale Blue Eyes" by the Velvet Underground. I need a haircut.

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Stephen Cary said...

Not "All My Single Ladies"? =(