September 9

Today was 9/9/09 and that is apparently a really big deal. Except I think 10/10/10 will be better but who knows. I had fun today and I like being here a lot. It's two o'clock in the morning and I stayed up talking to various people. Deana and I walked through every floor and said hi to people and hung out in their rooms. Today I had my worst moment so far of college but it really wasn't that bad. I had a class from six thirty to nine that consists solely of watching a film adaptation of a literary classic. Tonight it was Jane Austen's Emma. It was okay I guess, it was mostly Gwenyth Paltrow being strange and Toni Collette being ugly. When I left the class, I was so hungry, maybe more so than I've ever been ever, and the main dining hall was closed. So I had to go to a really faraway one and while I walked there I thought about how my mom tells me never to walk alone at night. Don't worry Mom, there were lots of people around, and also I took my key out of my backpack and held it in my hand in case I needed to stab someone in the eye. Then I had to eat alone. But then I got a banana, and I put the peel in the compost, so I felt better. And the night went uphill from there.

Also today I had two other classes. Art history, which seems so long ago. Was that even today? And anthropology, for which my professor is actually insane. I went to the club fair with Alex and they gave us sorority flyers and the only clubs I signed up for were Amnesty International and Quidditch Club. The song of the day is "Jackie" by the New Pornographers.

Oh I almost forgot, I bought an "Indie Rock Coloring Book!" Amherst is so cool.

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