September 14

I feel like all my pictures from Umass are either of people or of sunsets. Today was fun because I really enjoyed all my classes. First I had Art History which is my favorite class probably, and then Anthropology which was boring last week but was interesting and entertaining today. When I left the lecture hall I met Alex and Deana and Leah at the dining hall and on the way there the temperature was perfect and I texted my sister to say I was having a perfect college moment. I loved where I was. Later I had a new class called "Writing Butterfield Journal." It only has fifteen people and our first class was out on the lawn in front of Butterfield. The whole class is just designing, editing and choosing selections for the journal. At the end of the semester we have a release party. I'm on layout. 

I'm writing this while sitting in the hallway with four of my friends. We're all on our laptops. After I finish this I'm going to join them in a music swap. College, if nothing else, leads to good music.

The song of the day is "Daylight" by Matt & Kim.

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