September 27

I had a great time in New York. It's hard even to pinpoint why it was so fun. All I can say is that I should have written this entry when I was still there, because I started to forget how I was feeling as soon as the bus pulled into Umass. I was so happy to be home. I was so happy to be able to cross the street without fearing death by oncoming traffic, to see trees and walk on wet grass, to return to the comfort of my now-bedroom and lay down on my bed and look out the window and see, not miles of skyscrapers, but a half-occupied bike rack and a brick dorm building. New York City has always been foreign to me, but after spending three weeks in this confined yet immensly intriguing new world, I could have journeyed to a completely different space-time continuum. I know I made the right choice and I know I belong here. Even if it's going to take me a while to find myself, to find what I am passionate about and to practice it, I know that I will find it. I would love to go back to New York City and visit my friends again in a while. Maybe in December. I can imagine the chaos and the illumination and the thrill of the city will entice me again sometime soon. Until then however, I will revel in the intensely pleasurable experience of comfort and relief and happiness I have here.

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